Saturday, February 20, 2016

You have what it takes!

If you are thinking about starting something in your life now,  something that causes you to struggle, have faith and muster the courage to move forward and make the first few steps.  If you keep working at it, soon you'll see the fruits of your hard work. 

I made a poster and thought of sharing it with you and hoping that it will help you reach for your goals.

Version 1
I got my inspiration from the words of Brendon Burchard, an excellent motivational speaker and best selling author. Listen to his podcast and other online videos available for free on YouTube such as this video "Start Something That Matters". You'll learn a lot from him. I did! :)

I made two versions. The first version starts with "Please, my friend,".  This version speaks to me like a friend is talking to me,helping me focus on my goals. It is more personal. The second version is more universal, without the words "Please my friend".

Whatever poster you'll choose or even if you will not use any, I am just happy to have shared it with you -its thoughts and the source of the words, Brendon Burchard, whom I hope will also inspire you.

You have what it takes!

God bless your dreams! :)