Saturday, February 3, 2024

We are experiencing the life that we focus on

"I am not experiencing life.  I am experiencing the life I focus on." 

Tony Robbins said these words during the Time to Rise Summit held last January 25-28, 2024.  

What a revelation.  That is true.  It is not life that we experience, but just what we are focusing on in the moment is what we experience. 

Sadly, what we usually focus on is what happened in the past, what we dread to happen, something we failed.  It becomes our belief.  It becomes our experience day in and day out. And it becomes our story.   

In truth, in a day, a number of things happen to us… in a week, more so in a month or in a year!  

We can choose what event we focus on and what we believe is happening to us. 

Life can't be all bad.  There are more good things that are happening in our lives than the not so good ones because, most often than not, even what we consider as bad is meant to be good for us. :) 

I told my husband it is the same with our kids; we experience with the kids what we choose to focus on about who they are and what is becoming of them…

We are currently focusing on what they are not doing… ☹ We are looking at what they are erroneously doing… And we are probably missing out on 80%, which is the good thing they are doing.

No wonder the house feels gloomy most of the time. ☹

This is also why we have to celebrate even the small wins because these are the memories we want to keep on reminding ourselves! Our victories! Our joys! 

Let’s fill our life with it r
ather than to be sad and to feel down.  Life may not be perfect, but each day is a perfect day to start a new one with an expectant heart for a better life!

Photo of our family when the kids were still very young.
Now, almost each of them is bigger than me.

It is the same with our preferences in what screenplay we will pull from our memory that we will allow to keep playing in our mind. 

We choose to focus on the problems and negative details of our lives that we miss the great things that are happening… and the pattern goes on to make you feel down and low about your day, your life, and yourself and the people around you…☹

What's great is that we have a choice.  You can choose what to focus on and what story to stick into your life.   You can even change the story.   

Choose well what happening in your life you will focus on because that will be your experience and, eventually, your belief and your story.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Christ is Enough for Me

Christ is enough for me.

Indeed He is.

But in saying that He is enough for me, do I know what He is giving to me?

Do I know Him fully? 

Who is He who can fill our life?  

Who is He who can fill our emptiness?

Who is He who brings love to us?  

Who is He who lights our path?

Who is He who gave His life for me? 

Christ is calling us to spend time with Him. Listen to His words. Read His words.  And more importantly to live His words.

His love, His grace, His light is available to us. The action needed from us is to take it.  Let us receive Christ in our life.

Just like the food that nourishes our physical body, we have to take and chew. We set aside time to eat. Otherwise, we may get malnourished or worst we die.

We may have known Christ for some time, but we have to be continuously nourished by His love and His presence. Otherwise, we get strayed. Our light dims. 

His grace is overflowing. Let us take what Christ is giving to us. 

Let us fill ourselves with Christ - so much that everything we receive from Him we can share with others who may be filled by Him too. Then they too can say, "Christ is enough for me."

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Love God, Take Action

COVID-19 came and we have all experienced being stuck at home for 3 months or so.   People have become gloomy and have been blaming the virus and the government for their misery.  

We can't stay in that state of being stuck for long and in misery at that! YES, you can't.  We need to move our muscles.  Otherwise, our muscles and our brain cells will die.


It is the same with our dreams, no matter what is happening now in this world, WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION.  Even if you are physically stuck, don't let your thoughts be! 

The world is waiting for what you can give, offer, provide.  Your family, your friends, your employees, your customers, or your soon to be new customers (if you are going to shift your career) are waiting!    

GOD IS WAITING for you to deliver.   He is also waiting for you to tap on His vast resource which is available to you 24X7.  

You are loving God when you take action.  Make that step forward.  Trust God and give your all. 


Friday, September 4, 2020

You are a vessel of God's Grace

Do you want to live a full life?  A life filled with joy, peace, and love?  You'll have a beautiful glow in you and people can't explain why they are drawn to you.      


If your answer is yes, then EMPTY yourself. 

You heard that right.  You have to FIRST empty yourself.   

Empty yourself from your past hurts, from the guilt feelings, from the anger, the feeling of being unwanted... Empty out the negative. 


So you can fill your life with GOD'S grace.

The more space you give for Him, the more He can fill you with His graces.  

Connect to the source of all graces.  He offers an unlimited serving.  

Now, do you still want that full life?  

Fill your life with God's grace.  Get a generous serving.  

People around you will also be blessed.

You are a vessel of God's grace.  Make it overflow!    



Saturday, August 8, 2020

Have the Attitude of Gratitude

At this time during the pandemic, it is so easy to be lured to just give up, break out and just scream!

But praise and thanks be to God, for we have Him in our life.  

He always calls us to come to Him, to be in His presence even when we are busy... either busy thinking about our sorrows, busy thinking about the things we have to do, busy thinking about the future of our kids, our family and so an so forth.

The question is do we stop and acknowledge the invitation to come to Him?

Oh, how easy it is to be drowned by negative thoughts so before it even reaches the level where it dominates our being, call out to Him and pray.  

Just a few hours ago, I was at a loss and I was starting to feel sorry for myself, I am not feeling well (due to non-covid hehehe...), and I still have so much to do.  How tempting it is to just stay at home and rest. 

SO, what happened???

The words, "He who has planted the dream in You has the capacity to make it happen!" echoed in my mind.  And so with that thought, it was like adrenalin pushing me to make things happen and not be lured by the temptation to just scream! hahahaha! To be honest, it was so tempting to do just that. 

I told God, "I will not give up on the dreams that you have planted in me."  And so here I am. Writing.  Because, for several days now, I have been wanting to share the WORLD GRATITUDE SUMMIT but wasn't able to. 


YUP, what these past few weeks have taught me is that the ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE is one of the most important things that my 4 kids needed to live a full life. 

If you are not happy with your surrounding, change it.  Do something about it.  Make it happen.

Let us focus on finding the solution and not dwell on the problem.   What can we do? 

And so, it is my joy and pleasure, to invite you to join the WORLD GRATITUDE SUMMIT, to be held ONLINE on August 13-15, 2020.   I am happy to be accepted as one of their ambassadors. :) 

Just click on this link for the FREE Pass WORLD GRATITUDE SUMMIT

Should you wish to have a VIP Pass for WORLD GRATITUDE SUMMIT

Let us refill ourselves with GRATITUDE, see you at the SUMMIT! God bless!  


Friday, June 26, 2020

The Butterfly Effect

Last 2018, I got hold of the book, "The One Minute Millionaire" authored by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen. Mark Victor Hansen is a co-author of the book, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" while Robert G. Allen is the author of the real estate book, "Nothing Down" and "Creating Wealth".

I started to read it and brought it with me for reading. However, upon meeting a young lady working at a real estate firm I am transacting with, I decided to give it to her thinking that it will help her on her journey to life in general.

Fast forward 2020, got hold of the book again, but this time, in audio format. 😊

I was truly amazed at how listening to the book now, is just in time for the experience I am going through. From the time I purchased the audiobook, the idea of the butterfly effect phenomenon really made a mark in me.  

Whoa! Come to think of it... dear Lord... hahaha... My journey, from the time I gave away the hard copy version of the book until today, is an example of the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect is an idea that is more commonly used in chaos theory. A small change can make much bigger changes happen; one small incident can have a big impact on the future. The term butterfly effect comes from an analogy where a butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo and a tornado occurs in Tennessee. -

Looking back now, it is as if I have planted a seed during that time. I just helped a friend to resolve their real estate problem with a large real estate company, without thinking about the monetary return. The exchanges and visits with the company lasted for more than a year. With God's grace, it ended well, and to my friend's favor.  

Consequently, this friend of mine tapped the little experience that I have with construction to build a building for their family.  

Constructing the building came with challenges of course. More than the technical aspect, which can be studied/learned with the right mentors, the real challenge is the management of relationships with the client, workers, suppliers, partners, and even with yourself.

There are many take away from the book, and one of them is the reminder that we have to have a high level of integrity in whatever we do. Yes. It is a must. 

In relation to the butterfly effect and integrity, lying, if made, no matter how small it may be, will have a lasting effect on our lives. You may not see it yet now, but eventually, it will have an effect on your future. The choice or decision to make that tiny lie has the ability to change the course of your life.

Let us be conscious of our actions, our decisions -the choices we make.  

What small actions or seeds are we planting? 

In daily life, as a wife, do I disregard the good that my husband do for me? Doing this, even if we think it is just nothing has an effect on our relationship. It may later cause the diminishing love of the spouse towards the other. And to think, it just started with neglecting to say our thank you's and appreciation.

On the other side, if we choose to do tiny acts of love, such as a sweet smile sent to your spouse, waters the seed of love and nourishes it and that seed will grow into a sturdy tree of love in the end.

Such is our relationship with God. Our tiny acts of prayer, no matter how small, will bring us closer to Him-- will water that loving relationship.

  • Even just lifting your eyes towards the sky, thanking Him for the day
  • Acknowledging His presence in our life
  • Remembering how good he has been
  • Making the sign of the cross when coming out of the house, asking for His protection 

Even these small gestures will bring us closer to Him.

Let us not neglect to do these small gestures -a show of love, of gratitude, of kindness. These tiny acts will tell the difference of the future ahead of you and those of whom you touch. 

God bless you! Gently flutter your wings, butterfly! You are making changes to the world! -- And may it be a positive one!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Give, Take and Treat Yourself Well

How great is our God that He thinks even about our pleasures and our joy.

God wants us to enjoy the fruit of our works and His blessings.  He doesn't want us to be grumpy and feeling miserable.  He has given us the tools we needed in order to be prosperous right?
It is written, in Sirach 14:14
14 Enjoy happiness and do not reject lawful pleasure when it comes your way.
From this verse, God is telling us to take time to celebrate! If a blessing came your way, celebrate!

Sometimes we neglect to do this.  We have toiled so hard but we do not rest and sit back and enjoy the fruits of our work.  If we keep on doing this, there will come a time that we will experience burn out and lack of enthusiasm with our work.  Take time to celebrate.  Your celebration doesn't have to be lavish, but if your budget allows you to, why not? :)

Enjoy and be happy.  This too comes from God. Celebrating your wins is a way for you to acknowledge the good that you have accomplished, the blessing that you have received.  God wants us to be happy and not grouchy. hahaha... or stingy at that!   

Celebrate even the small wins!

You are done cleaning your house well?  Celebrate! Sit down, sip a cup of coffee, a tea or your favorite drink and enjoy what you have accomplished.

God wants us to be happy now in this world where He placed us and where He leads us to serve Him. Treat yourself well because we are God's creation and He wants us to take care of ourselves well and He provides for these opportunities to come.

Speaking of opportunities, have you ever found yourself feeling guilty charging for a fee for your services?  I did.  There were times that I feel that I am not being a good person when I charge for fees especially when a service is done for a friend.  But would you know, even this is addressed in the Bible?
Sirach 14:16 says, "Give, take and treat yourself well, for in the netherworld, there are no pleasures to seek." 

  1. Give -  whatever your service or product is
  2. Take - get what is due you
  3. Treat yourself well - in taking, it says that you should treat yourself well! Not treat yourself poorly!

One way to praise and thank God is to manifest that we are enjoying the blessings that He sends our way.  Rejoice for His goodness!  His provision comes from this.  How can you even celebrate if you have paid yourself short.

Give, take and treat yourself well! Celebrate! God wants you to be happy. :)