Friday, September 4, 2020

You are a vessel of God's Grace

Do you want to live a full life?  A life filled with joy, peace, and love?  You'll have a beautiful glow in you and people can't explain why they are drawn to you.      


If your answer is yes, then EMPTY yourself. 

You heard that right.  You have to FIRST empty yourself.   

Empty yourself from your past hurts, from the guilt feelings, from the anger, the feeling of being unwanted... Empty out the negative. 


So you can fill your life with GOD'S grace.

The more space you give for Him, the more He can fill you with His graces.  

Connect to the source of all graces.  He offers an unlimited serving.  

Now, do you still want that full life?  

Fill your life with God's grace.  Get a generous serving.  

People around you will also be blessed.

You are a vessel of God's grace.  Make it overflow!    



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