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Everything is a blessing!

I have come to believe this statement for a long time now.  I have uttered it several times to myself, to my family, my friends and practically to anyone.  

Everyday a number of things happen to us.  A day will not pass without making a choice.  It can be as simple as choosing what to wear to as complex as what house to buy or to get married or not. And when things don't work out the way we planned, we often get disappointed and feel burdened.

There's an easy way to win over a problematic situation from the very start. It's simple.  Look at it as a BLESSING. :)

By looking at a situation as a blessing, you will be open to see it as an opportunity to grow, to learn and to the possibility of being led to a better choice. It will lighten the load.  

Isn't true that we learn most from our sour experiences, from our struggles?  Often, it is only on hindsight that we will see a crippling experience as a blessing. But why wait for that time?  Once it has arrived, accept it as a blessing, because it is.  It saves you from the agony of blaming yourself or another person for what happened or what did not happen. It saves you from creating unwanted feelings towards yourself or a loved one.  It saves you from hurting yourself or others.  Just don't miss out the lesson.  :)  It might just be the blessing. :)  Sometimes even just the experience of pain is a blessing in itself.  Having experienced pain, success becomes sweeter and more meaningful. :)

Everything happens for a reason.  You might think that something happened because it is a penalty for something wrong you have done.  Or you may choose to think that it did happen because God wanted to correct you or to lead you to something better.  Truly, things appear to us as we see them.  We may see something as a burden or a blessing.  It is up to us on how we will look at things.

Whatever views we may have, one thing is for sure, God only wants the best for us. God gives everything to us as a blessing.

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