Saturday, February 3, 2024

We are experiencing the life that we focus on

"I am not experiencing life.  I am experiencing the life I focus on." 

Tony Robbins said these words during the Time to Rise Summit held last January 25-28, 2024.  

What a revelation.  That is true.  It is not life that we experience, but just what we are focusing on in the moment is what we experience. 

Sadly, what we usually focus on is what happened in the past, what we dread to happen, something we failed.  It becomes our belief.  It becomes our experience day in and day out. And it becomes our story.   

In truth, in a day, a number of things happen to us… in a week, more so in a month or in a year!  

We can choose what event we focus on and what we believe is happening to us. 

Life can't be all bad.  There are more good things that are happening in our lives than the not so good ones because, most often than not, even what we consider as bad is meant to be good for us. :) 

I told my husband it is the same with our kids; we experience with the kids what we choose to focus on about who they are and what is becoming of them…

We are currently focusing on what they are not doing… ☹ We are looking at what they are erroneously doing… And we are probably missing out on 80%, which is the good thing they are doing.

No wonder the house feels gloomy most of the time. ☹

This is also why we have to celebrate even the small wins because these are the memories we want to keep on reminding ourselves! Our victories! Our joys! 

Let’s fill our life with it r
ather than to be sad and to feel down.  Life may not be perfect, but each day is a perfect day to start a new one with an expectant heart for a better life!

Photo of our family when the kids were still very young.
Now, almost each of them is bigger than me.

It is the same with our preferences in what screenplay we will pull from our memory that we will allow to keep playing in our mind. 

We choose to focus on the problems and negative details of our lives that we miss the great things that are happening… and the pattern goes on to make you feel down and low about your day, your life, and yourself and the people around you…☹

What's great is that we have a choice.  You can choose what to focus on and what story to stick into your life.   You can even change the story.   

Choose well what happening in your life you will focus on because that will be your experience and, eventually, your belief and your story.

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