Friday, September 23, 2016

Let God lead you

Once I had a conversation with my sister.  She has a coworker whom she wanted to treat to a day out.  She knows that the person has been through a lot.  Her coworker is already an elderly and still takes care of her children even if they are already grown up and with a family of their own. The elderly has loans here and there.

My sister felt that her coworker needed a day out. However, she's reluctant to do it because she also thinks that she might get abused if she'll do it.  The other might come to her more frequently for financial help.

The desire to show kindness, love and compassion was there but fear has kept her from doing it.

There's a natural feeling in us to love others, to feel compassion.  It is just that we sometimes stop in our track to loving others because of fear for one's self, fear of ridicule or for other reasons.  The environment that we have grown accustomed to has made us choose to disregard this feeling.  We have grown to neglect it... to set it aside... and let the feeling die.  We have let the reasoning of this world corrupt our good intentions.

Don't let it die in you. Don't let what this world dictates stop you from showing what you feel and what you want to share. For all you know, you are the light that God has sent for someone in need.

Don't let your desire to show kindness, love and compassion die.
Let God's love shine through you.
Be God's love to others.
Don't worry.  God will be your guide.
Allow God's love to lead you.

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