Thursday, April 2, 2015

I choose to love!

Once in a while we will meet someone who will put your patience to the test, where sometimes it is difficult to respond as Jesus would...

But no matter how hard it is, try your best to respond out of love... It will help you more than the person to whom you are giving love.

In loving others you are freeing yourself from anger, animosity, fear, doubts, chains of rejection... You become free from these when you love because you will feel compassion instead of hatred, you will be filled with hope instead of fear, you will find peace instead of turmoil and chaos... love one another...

It is best to do the things you have to do out of love... There you will find peace in your every action.
Give love... Don't be afraid to love... love comes from God.  You  give God's light by loving others.

Choose to love. I choose to love you...

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