Monday, June 29, 2015

Everything is truly a blessing!

Everything is a blessing.  Let us trust God that whatever comes our way is a blessing. 

A failure may just be a nudging to lead you to a better direction... 

A heartache may just be a wake-up call to help you see things clearly... or to help you define what you really want in life...

A missed bus may just be a blessing in disguised to keep you safe or to give you a better seat.

A co-worker who often irritates you might just be a God sent gift to exercise your patience and to make a better person out of you. :)

There are more examples to help you see everything as a blessing, but it all boils down to trusting God -in our greatest joy and in our deepest sorrow. 

Be at peace knowing that whatever comes your way, you have a God whom you can count on, a God who has great plans for you, a God who will never leave you and a God who is greater than anything. :)

You may want to listen to the song Sovereign by Chris Tomlin