Saturday, September 17, 2016

If you expect blessings, it will come!

What you believe in sets the tone for your life.

Believing that everything is a blessing sets the tone of hoping and expecting for the good things to come.  And indeed blessings will come.  Blessings will come pouring in. Having this perspective is like having an armour to protect you from negativity.  Whichever way you'll  look, you'll see nothing but blessings! And even if you'll get infected by negativity, it will be easy for you to bounce back and look at things on the brighter side again.  Because, as always, God wants nothing but the best for you.  He wants to bless you... and in abundance!

In reverse, if you keep on thinking that nothing good is happening in your life, then that's what will happen.  That's what will come - nothing good.  Everything you'll look at will seem to be nothing but trouble.

And so, don't miss out on those blessings! Expect it to come!  They are everywhere! (Pokemons suddenly popped in my mind! hehehe...)

Please allow me to share with you my experience of blessings last month. (I've been wanting to share this but I couldn't find the time to sit and write.)

"If there's nothing to lose but gain if you try, then by all means try!"  This was the thought that came into my mind when I was feeling timid to ask Engr. Enrico Cruz of Urban Institute, our mentor in Real Estate, what the topic is for the coming week for his Build and Sell Mentoring Course.

I was a graduate of the same course the previous year and I've learned a lot from it.  I wanted to sit in the class again. I was starting on a new rehabilitation project for a townhouse and I was struggling whether to get a contractor or be the contractor myself as I have done in my past project.

And so, motivated by the quote from Napoleon Hill, I messaged Engr. Cruz and asked.  He replied "Reports and Construction Details".

Wow! Just what I needed!  #Perks of being an Urbanite

And so I sat in the class last August 27, 2016.  When I thought I was late, I was actually early! It was a blessing that the class was scheduled an hour later than during our batch.  And with that, I had a chance to meet and talk with the speaker for the day, Engr. Oscar Cadag and Engr. Cruz prior to the start of the class.  Engr. Cruz was so kind to introduce me to him.  From my conversations with Engr.Cadag and Engr. Cruz, I'm already getting ideas on what to do with my

During Engr. Cadag's lecture he mentioned that he works for DIAR'S, the same company that supplies janitorial services for DLSU.  The company I worked for for almost 17 years. :)  During the break, I recognized a familiar face I see at DLSU - Mr. Bimbo Brillo.  He was with Engr. Cadag.  It was my first time to talk to him.  What a coincidence that we all met at the real estate seminar, we were all affiliated with DLSU and Couples for Christ at Mandaluyong City.  We had a good chat. :)

Mr. Bimbo Brillo is on my right while Engr. Oscar Cadag is to my left (wearing pink polo shirt just like me).

Wow! Architect Jun Palafox was also a lecturer for the day! What a blessing it was to be inspired again as he shared his vast experience and his mission.

Architect Jun Palafox

Engr. Cruz has his way of bridging newbies like me to the experts.   Engr. Cruz gets to tap high profile and well experienced personalities in real estate development because he himself is also generous with his time and knowledge.  Most of the attendees are also experts in their field and most of the time, also share their expertise in the class.

Engr. Enrico Cruz taking photos of the students with guest speaker architect Palafox (seated)

I remember Architect Palafox saying, "When you know something and you share it, you become an expert...(the knowledge doesn't die with you)."

I was happy that I sat in for the week's class. :)

But wait there's more!  God is not done pouring His blessings yet. :)

The following day, I was early to visit my parents at their tailor shop.

My father mentioned that he was expecting a client who will make a bulk purchase.

Guess who came into the doorstep of the shop?  It was sir Bimbo Brillo!  He was there to represent DIAR'S and make a bulk order for the uniform requirement of their janitors deployed at College of St. Benilde.

Who would have guessed? God only knows. :)  Thank you Lord!

Everything is a blessing.  Isn't? :)

Ms. Beth and Mr. Bimbo Brillo of Diar's and me

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