Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Christ is Enough for Me

Christ is enough for me.

Indeed He is.

But in saying that He is enough for me, do I know what He is giving to me?

Do I know Him fully? 

Who is He who can fill our life?  

Who is He who can fill our emptiness?

Who is He who brings love to us?  

Who is He who lights our path?

Who is He who gave His life for me? 

Christ is calling us to spend time with Him. Listen to His words. Read His words.  And more importantly to live His words.

His love, His grace, His light is available to us. The action needed from us is to take it.  Let us receive Christ in our life.

Just like the food that nourishes our physical body, we have to take and chew. We set aside time to eat. Otherwise, we may get malnourished or worst we die.

We may have known Christ for some time, but we have to be continuously nourished by His love and His presence. Otherwise, we get strayed. Our light dims. 

His grace is overflowing. Let us take what Christ is giving to us. 

Let us fill ourselves with Christ - so much that everything we receive from Him we can share with others who may be filled by Him too. Then they too can say, "Christ is enough for me."

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