Friday, January 18, 2019

Want a free ticket to Holy Land?

Towards the end of 2018, I finally received the full payment for a real estate deal I closed in May.  I was thinking, did I already tithe for this transaction?  Checking my accounts, I cannot confirm it. I took the time to verify also from the organization where I usually give but they cannot confirm it too. More than a week has passed by and I still am not sure if I already did.  Until it struck me, “Ano ka ba? Nakikipagtuusan ka pa ba kay God.  Sa Kanya naman nanggaling lahat ‘yan.”

Can you guess what I did?

I just gave my tithe and more.  It was a good thing too that early on in our marriage, Bernie, my husband said that I am in charge when it comes to our family tithing.  He will not question it.  I have a hunch that I already gave my tithe, but I no longer want to keep tabs with God about how much I have already given.  And besides, everything came from Him and so I just gave even if it meant that I might be giving double. 

I decided to give through the Kerygma magazine subscription because I believe that the magazine is a window where readers can see how God works and how they can deepen their relationship with God.  It will also be a chance for them to have a glimpse about The Feast and I am hoping that they will attend too.  I prayed and asked God for guidance to whom He wanted me to reach out to and give free Kerygma magazine subscriptions.  

Just obey and God will do the rest.

Funny that after giving, it dawned on me how I already gave back earlier in May and why it did not appear in my records.  But I said, “I am happy Lord.  😊  Kidding our God, I said, “Advanced ko na po yun for 2019 ha!” 

God is healing my limiting belief.

On the second week of January, I was assessing our family’s financial state and I saw that we do not have much.  I looked backed on my recent deals and realized that God has given me enough opportunity to earn more but instead of charging for the value of my services I just let it pass and give it for free.  There is also an instance when I could have priced a property we developed for a higher amount but I did not, only because I wanted it to be sold quickly and a friend was already interested with it.  I was afraid that it might take longer to sell it if I will increase my asking price.  But properties in the area were selling like pancakes. 

For the first time, I realized that it was not that I am generous or kind but that I opted to let go of the opportunity to earn more just so they will not think that I am only after the money and also because I do not want to be arguing about money.  It was then that I realized that I still have a limiting belief even if I know that God can give me anything and that all He wanted is to bless me.

God has it all planned.

On, January 13, I attended the first session of The Feast at the Bay Area and was intently listening to Bro. Bo Sanchez regarding having the courage to let go.  I was asking myself, was brother Bo talking to me?  He said, “Let go… What you are holding on might even be good. But God has something better for you.”

Prior to attending the session, I was troubled on what to do about a recent commitment.  Doing it will be good since I will be helping a friend, but it will also deprive me of an opportunity to financially grow for my family.  Before leaving the Feast, I already knew what I had to do. 

And so, I left PICC to act on that decision.

I called my sister in the US and asked her to watch the FEAST LIVE STREAM for me and told her jokingly, “Baka manalo ako sa paraffle ng Kerygma” to which she replied, “Kinabahan ako ate!” to us, it meant that I will most probably win it.

A few minutes later, a friend sent me a message announcing that I won the Kerygma Mission Partner HOLY LAND Pilgrimage package! God even chooses who will give me the message.  She is someone I look up to when it comes to real estate entrepreneurship and sharing God’s love.  And here I am alone at the roof deck of the property I am about to renovate, crying with joy. 😊  

Bro. Bo Sanchez announcing the winner - Me! :) 
My tithing got me a free ticket to Holy Land!

I was crying and I was thinking how near our God is.  How he had everything planned: my obedience to Him about letting go, the tithing, me realizing my limiting belief, and me winning the grand prize.  

Bro. Bo with the DTI representatives validating the
winning entry
Simultaneous with this announcement of winning, I also received wisdom on how I will still be able to help my friend without me being too tangled with it and to charge for the actual value of my services.  God is curing me from my limiting belief.  It was like literally God was just next to me watching my every step guiding me as I obey. 

Amazing isn’t? As if what has already transpired is not enough proof that He is present and is always with us, as I am writing this, someone called out in our gate, the delivery man from LBC.  And guess what?  He delivered the letter from Shepherd’s Voice Publication announcing my winning the grand prize!  Of course, it made me cry again. Hahahaha! Silly me! 😊 The arrival of the letter was like God saying to me, “Good job!”

GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US... watching over us and looking after our every need.

Thank you, Lord, for your love and your presence. 😊

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